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Heirloom offers omni-friendly, chef-curated, & seasonally inspired meals encompassed in a convenient ready to eat, grab and go fashion. Heirloom specializes in catering for large groups, using single serve sustainable packaging without compromising the dining standards you expect from the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Crave, nourish, and revitalize with Heirloom ready to eat meals.

Meet our chefs! 

Dustin Brafford and Kelsey Dillon. 

The two met in Downtown Denver in 2016. Dustin already had extensive cooking experience and was opening different concepts in the states, and even had been hired to open several restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon. Kelsey had more front-of-house and line cook experience, but was spending most free time learning more about cooking and horticulture. They both had an instant connection, and found they shared a love for the camaraderie that happens between the team in the kitchen, coming up with big out-of-the-box ideas for food or events and ways to execute them, and ultimately a passion for making eating food exciting and leaving guests happy. They’ve been cooking together across the country ever since. 

Since meeting five years ago, they have been hired to work for places such as the Colorado Governor’s Mansion for themed events and fundraisers, several food shows and competitions, Dustin was a part of the American Master Chefs Order, and they both got to work a season at beautiful Elk Creek Ranch-where Kelsey ran a greenhouse and would bring Dustin fresh produce to put on his new menus every night for the billionaire guests that would stay (think like the owners of Walmart, Campbell’s Soup people, etc lol). They also got to do fun stuff like be featured on an episode of Celebrity Sweat where they helped serve a meal to celebrity fitness instructor “Eric the Trainer” & Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks. 

In 2017, the two moved back to where Dustin’s family was from in Ohio. They worked different jobs and assisted with the opening of two restaurants, while taking care of their family of dogs, cats, and chickens, and figuring out their next move. Which of course had to be where Kelsey was born and raised, Las Vegas. After moving, Dustin quickly fell in love with the city and the building of community happening between the revival of Downtown and all the different sports teams coming here. They love going to visit whatever’s going on Downtown, sharing appetizers while walking the Strip, and going to the stadium to watch the Aviator’s games (pre-covid of course).

Until the pandemic hit, they were helping open locations and managing the front & back of the local restaurant chain, Hummus Bowls & Wraps, this being how Heirloom by HUMMUS was founded.